Working Matters can help your organisation move towards creating a performance culture. A high-performance culture is the single greatest source of competitive advantage for any company in the global economy. Creating a culture that inspires people to go the extra mile, to make and execute good decisions even when nobody is looking, should be the goal. Our research and experience tells us that most people want an opportunity to demonstrate their competence, to contribute and to learn. When given the chance to focus on what they are best at, they will deliver and surprise. They want to work in organisations known for service excellence. They want to be listened to, respected and engaged in change. Responding to them strengthens a performance culture.

Human performance is the function of many influences: accountability, feedback, motivation, skills and knowledge, rewards and recognition. These influences are interdependent. It is the combination of these factors that results in the desired performance and the associated leadership behaviours that support the performance culture. Creating a performance culture requires a systemic approach to managing the performance of organisations, teams and individuals. The benefits accrue to both individuals being happier and the organisation being more successful.

How can Working Matters help?

Working Matters can help you create and implement a Performance Culture strategy. Changing leadership attitudes is key, because cultural change will not happen unless leaders themselves model the behaviours and values that define the new culture. The most effective leaders also spread the word through constant personal contact and communication, particularly with “linchpin” employees who will buy in to the culture and whose words will carry weight with others.

We can guide your organisational changes to support the new culture, for example, altering incentives, redistributing decision rights, streamlining processes, or developing leaders to ‘walk their talk.’ The progress of cultural changes also needs to be rigorously tracked to make sure performance stays high.

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