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Working Matters can help companies deal with the fast pace of change that is required in modern day life. Executives have little real choice when it comes to becoming more agile as they respond to a whole host of organisational changes. Unfortunately, many organisations fail to plan and implement change effectively, potentially creating problems with declining productivity, falling sales and demotivated staff.

Some of them main drivers for organisational change are as follows:

  • New organisational realities, e.g., mergers & acquisitions, leadership transitions and organisational restructures.
  • Macroeconomic shifts, e.g., changing customer demographics, new rules and regulations.
  • Technological innovations, e.g., more data, social media influences, mobile capabilities.

How can Working Matters help?

Working Matters have worked with clients to develop cultures of continuous and incremental change that evolve their business rather than engage in disruptive instant transformations. The majority of change efforts fail, largely because of the failure to plan them carefully. Working Matters will support your change initiatives while developing your own change expertise, introducing you to our model of change and many practical change tools.

We will work with you to define your core messages and a clear definition of the changes needed. We will work with you to create interventions that are practical to a business environment, as well as reflecting the specific aspirations and sensitivities of your people.

Commonly we are asked by organisations to assist with change in one of two main areas:

  • They need to implement a new process effectively.
  • They want to move their organisational culture in a new direction (e.g., aligned to new core values)

Contact Working Matters for a free consultation to discuss how we can help your Change Management processes.

  • Centralisation of an on-boarding process across 45 EMEA sites for a global IT manufacturer
  • Introduction of a work-from-home initiative, with the goal of having 50% of staff move out of the of office into home working (about 600 staff)
  • Integrating staff from an acquisition through on-boarding and other support
  • Driving through a further education assistance policy and process where none previously existed

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