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Working Matters coaching solutions are designed to help employees build confidence and reach their full potential in the workplace, by removing any potential development blocks. Coaching is about enabling employees to develop their own best practices, create business connections, and develop resources.

Successful coaching adds value to employees who then add value to their organisations by giving their best. Employees want to be happy, productive and innovative, and coaching creates the environment where this can happen.

Why does coaching work so well?

To keep up with market changes and remain competitive, many organisations have to continually train their workforce. However, without coaching, training can lose its effectiveness rapidly and often fails to achieve the lasting behavioural changes needed. While training is an ‘event’, coaching is a process which is a valuable next step to insuring that the knowledge imparted actually becomes the new way to work.

What does coaching require?

Coaching also helps retain staff by enabling employees to professionally develop, improving their job satisfaction. Employees who are ‘coached’ to best performance rather than ‘managed’to best performance are more committed to and invested in the outcomes of the achievement of their work and organisational goals.

  • The person being coached must be self-aware of their strengths and development needs
  • They must be willing to take responsibility for their thoughts, actions, and development
  • They must be equipped with the tools, knowledge, and development opportunities

How can Working Matters help?

Our coaches have significant corporate experience and can combine the very best of coaching with a hard-hitting commercial approach to ensure that, in addition to the individual’s performance improvement, the organisation benefits, too.

Contact Working Matters for a free consultation to discuss how coaching could work for your organisation.

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