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Leadership and management skills are crucial to the effectiveness of any leader and the success of any organisation. Our wide range of courses are designed and delivered by qualified Work Psychologists and associated professionals, all experienced in the business and/or government sectors.

New Manager Basics

Four 1-day modules addressing core people management tasks every manager needs to know how to do: Assessing Competence, Setting Objectives, Giving Feedback, and Coaching Skills.

Assessing Competence for Managers

1-day course on how to behaviourally assess competence, using the ORCE (observe, record, classify, evaluate) model; applications include internal and external selection and performance appraisal. Also, a module in our New Manager Basics and Assessor Accreditation Programme.

Career Development Support

1-day course on how to proactively support your employees’ career development while ensuring they own it; includes how to create a career development plan, career coaching, and setting realistic objectives.

Coaching Skills

1-day course on the concept of coaching and coaching skills, including a user-friendly coaching model, effective questioning techniques, and knowing when to coach versus direct. This is also a module in the New Manager Basic programme.

Creating a Performance Culture

1-day course on how to build a culture of performance excellence; includes the psychological bases of performance management, determining why your organisation should do performance reviews, and how to have meaningful performance conversations.

Diversity Awareness for Managers

1-day course on defining diversity, its legal and business cases, and considering diversity applications in the workplace.

Employee Engagement

1-day course on managerial ‘drivers’ of employee engagement, including many practical things managers can do to drive performance and retention in their teams.

Giving Feedback

1-day course on how to give meaningful, motivational, and constructive feedback, including challenging messages. Also a module in the New Manager Basics programme.

Introduction to Talent Management

1-day course covering talent strategy, concepts, processes, and tools aimed at identifying, developing, deploying, engaging, and retaining your talent.

Volunteer Leaders Development Programme

Year-long development programme for current or aspiring volunteer leaders; covers self-awareness, planning and strategy, communication, meeting management, volunteer management and empowerment, collaborative working, and cultivating relationships. Delegates learn through classroom sessions, teleconferences, action learning sets, group projects, and peer shadowing. Can be within one organisation or cross-organisation.

Managing Change

2-day course on how to manage workplace change initiatives; includes identifying change roles; planning change; the importance of communication, learning, and reward systems; and numerous user-friendly change tools.

Managing Remote Employees

1-day course on how to effectively manage and support staff who don’t work in the same office as you, including those who work in different work locations or from home.

Setting Objectives

1-day course on how to set and agree effective and meaningful performance objectives for yourself and those people you manage. Also a module within the New Manager Basic programme.

Situational Decision-Making

1-day course on effective decision-making depending upon the situation; includes a measure of preferred style (delegative, consensual, collaborative, directive) and accuracy.

Structured Interviewing Skills

1-day course on structured, behavioural interviewing techniques, including developing questions and how to probe. Also, a module in our Assessor Accreditation Programme.

Time Management

1-day course on how to more effectively manage your time to get things done; includes prioritisation techniques, managing time wasters and interruptions, how to delegate, dealing with e-mail overload, and tips on working with Outlook.

Working Matters can run courses internally just for your business or you can attend one of our external courses, which are regularly scheduled. Please contact Working Matters if you would like to discuss any of our courses.

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