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Working Matters understand that developing and retaining effective leadership is critical to creating a motivated team and building the success of your organisation. We also know how vital it is to recognise potential talent and encourage future leaders. We firmly believe that capable managers with the right skill sets and development can be ‘managers as catalysts’ – that is, transform your people to reach their greatest potential.

To create leaders, you need to:

  • Create a desire to learn skills in leadership competencies
  • Build self-confidence in people to fulfil their leadership potential
  • Support leaders in finding ways to meet their development goals

Are leaders born or can you develop leadership skills? Research clearly shows that no one leader will be effective in all situations. There may be some situations where you need someone to come in and ‘hit the ground running,’ so you want him or her to have particular competencies already formed. In other situations, you have the space and time to develop leaders to manage different challenges.

How can Working Matters help?

We can identify the ‘best’ candidates for a leadership role at selection stage, as well as highlight development needs of internal staff vying for promotion. We can assess their ability, personality, and motivation, using psychometrics, structured interviews, situational judgement tests, and other assessments. We can create a selection programme for you that best suits your needs, time, and budget.

We can also develop strategies to improve leadership skills in people management, strategic direction, team building, and more. We can tailor our solutions to meet the needs of groups and individuals, whether they are new to leadership or moving up to a more senior leadership role.

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