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Working Matters can produce bespoke development plans to close the gap between where individuals are and where they need to be, both for your business performance and their own aspirations. Developing talent is a key component to business success in this ‘VUCA world’ and it allows companies to retain top talent while increasing productivity. Talented employees value development, because they literally ache to learn; lack of developmental opportunities can mean the loss of your talented staff.

How can Working Matters help you?

  • Audit management teams, offering recommendations to focus development spend
  • Develop and support your business processes for managing key talent groups, such as high-potentials and graduates
  • Identify key individuals who will grow and lead your business

Working Matters can help talented individuals realise their full potential, with a variety of development solutions.

Formal development centres and learning

We can offer a development centre experience, where your Key Talent go through simulations and assessment and receive feedback. This can form the basis for a formal ‘HiPo’ (High Potential employee) programme, such as a year-long series of classroom training, master classes, and individual and group projects.

On-the-job training

Training in-situ can be incredibly effective when structured properly. Using our On-the-Job Training Toolkit, we can show you how to ‘mine’ a job for competency development, set a learning objective, ensure behavioural measures are in place, and provide meaningful and timely feedback.

Exposure to critical experiences

Tailored to an individual’s needs, these programmes enable employees to quickly gain necessary skills to reach their full potential. These might include special projects, start-ups or turnarounds, industry changes, and secondments. Whatever experiences your talented staff go through, they need challenge with some risk, but with a safety net. You can also use the On-the-Job toolkit for job rotations, special projects, ‘hardship’ experiences, and ‘swap shops’ (going into an external organisation for a few days).

Coaching & learning from others

Sometimes it takes another person to help Key Talent reflect on their development, either through coaching or role modelling. The answer is usually ‘within’ – it may just take some thoughtful questions and observations from the side-line to bring it in focus.

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