Select & identify talent the objective way

Working Matters can greatly enhance the performance, impact, and validity of your selection processes to identify the best external candidates and identify your top internal talent. We can develop bespoke assessments for evaluating strengths and development needs. Your recruitment and development processes must find and keep hold of the best performers.

Improving talent assessment processes has the benefits of:

  • Reducing high staff turnover
  • Exposing gaps in employees’ skills and knowledge
  • Highlighting opportunities to develop employees
  • Making talent assessment consistent across the business

How can Working Matters help?

At Working Matters, our assessors have a wealth of knowledge and experience in both work psychology and the commercial reality of work. This enables us to ask the right questions and get beyond first impressions. Our reports are based purely on objective assessment data, and provide a valid and reliable assessment of the candidate’s likely performance in the future.

We can also train your managers and interviewers to improve the effectiveness of their observations and judgements – to allow them to differentiate between effective and mediocre performance. We can help you with the simplest of talent tools, such as the 9-Box model, as well as creating a more objective talent assessment process, including the use of psychometrics, structured interviews, and more.

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