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Working Matters can develop and implement a Talent Management Strategy that will significantly improve your capability to compete and realise your star performers’ potential. We can help improve your ability to attract, hire, and retain talented employees. We can help you identify high-performing employees across the business and align their development needs with your company strategy, so you achieve optimal levels of success.

Our aim is to help you find the most promising future leaders and create a fertile environment to encourage their growth. We also believe it’s important to remember that not everyone wants to ‘move up the ladder’ (nor is there room for everybody), but they can still be made happier and encouraged to develop their skills to achieve higher levels of performance and personal growth.

How can Working Matters help?

Working Matters can work with you from a blank slate or help you align your current activities to create a cohesive talent strategy. Talent can come from both predictable and highly unexpected places, so you need to equip your people with the insight and motivation to spot this and to raise awareness.
A Talent Strategy will help you answer the following:

  • Do you know what talent you have?
  • How do you attract talent (what’s your Employee Value Proposition?)
  • How are you developing your talent?
  • How do you reward and recognise your talent?
  • How do you deploy your talent?

How can you actively engage your talent?

Next, what operational processes and tools have you got in place to identify, develop, and keep track of your talent? Working Matters can help you define consistent leadership criteria across all functional areas, and identify specific competencies (knowledge, abilities, skills, education, experience) to cultivate for continuing growth. Our Talent Management tools include ability and personality psychometrics, structured interviews, 360-degree feedback assessments, assessment centres, and more.

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